To Jump a Beat?

New York, Ny 9/21/19 Coming soon. GTRicci Magazine will be replacing this blog. 

New York, NY 9/14/19

Getting ready to make a few moves. Look for upcoming changes to the website and to all that I have to offer!

New York, NY 8/21/19

Ok, so here we are back in NYC. Doing some promotional/practice work to get off my feet. My be running some specials soon. check in for more info!

Key West, FL 6/28/19

When do we know, really know?

Is it sometimes best to let the waves be and watch?

This isn’t a poem, nor meant to be one.  Imaging the so soft squealing of passive tires spinning in a freshly watered mud; I’m just exercising my way to solid ground. Ignore this paragraph if you want interesting content, again this is just a stretch. 

Study the Water

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